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Frequently Asked Questions

about the Rules of Padel

If one of your opponents fails to return the ball over the net and your ball is good, you win the point. If your opponent miss (e.g. miss the ball, hit the ball into the net or back wall) you win the point. If your opponents miss two straight service, you win the point.

You can’t hit the fence on your own side in padel. But you can hit the fence if you for instance smash the ball onto your opponents side of the court and onto the fence.

Yes. You can hit your own back wall in padel. You can however not hit the ball into your opponents back wall without the ball bouncing on their side of the court first.

You score if your opponent miss (e.g. miss the ball, hits in net), or if you win the ball.

Not necessarily, but it is a slower game than tennis. It’s quite easy to learn but takes a lifetime to master.

Yes, points are taken exactly the same in Padel as in tennis.

The best padel players in the world compete on what is known as the World Padel Tour (WPT).

Yes! This is one of my favorites. As an amateur, you don’t get the chance to pull off one of these very often, but out-of-court plays in tournaments are fairly common.